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About Us

Big Moose Little Goose Mission

In a time where most of the focus is placed on mom and baby, we focus on the family bond. It is important to help your older children adjust as your family dynamic changes. Our products are designed to help your children feel special and included. It is important for them to bond with their new sibling and learn how to become great helpers.


Our Story


New baby is arriving and everyone is so excited! There have been parties, presents, belly kisses, and months of anticipation. But with all of this excitement comes big change. Your family dynamic is getting turned upside down and you worry, “how will my older children adjust?” Well I can tell you, after experiencing it twice myself, it’s not easy. That said, there are things you can do to prepare. We are here to help you navigate this exciting time. My children have become my inspiration and they are the reason that I launched this company. I saw how my own children reacted when new baby came home and I was surprised to say the least. My then two-year-old acted out and exhibited very uncharacteristic behavior. She wasn’t prepared to share mom’s time. My blog, “Raising Moose and Goose” documents our family’s journey. We struggle to find balance just like every family. Follow us as we transition to a more natural lifestyle, including changing the household products we consume and trying to eat a more plant based diet. We have to nurture our families emotionally and physically. We invite you to come along for the ride as we raise our own little moose and goose.